Pressure Selection
When buying an air compressor, strictly determine the gas side pressure needed and add a 1-2 bar margin, for the pressure loss. Then choose the correct air compressor according to the pressure. The size of the pipeline and the number of the turning points are also the main factors for pressure loss. For example: larger size and fewer turning points cause less pressure loss.

In addition, when the distance between the air compressor and the gas side is too long, choose a large diameter pipeline.

Volume Flow Selection
1. When choosing the volume flow of the air compressor, compute the total compressed air needed, and then multiply the value by 1.2.
2. Model selection of the new project can be made according to the data provided by the designing institute.
3. Volume flow parameters provided by the gas equipment supplier will help the model selection.
4. In the air compressor station alternation, model selection may refer to the original parameters combined with the actual conditions.

Relationship between Power, Pressure and Volume Flow
When the power is fixed and the rotating speed changes, the volume flow and the pressure will change accordingly. After the pressure and the volume flow condition is satisfied, choose the power of the air compressor that matches the driving motor. Remember, when choosing an air compressor, first determine the pressure, and then determine the volume flow, and the pressure comes last.

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