1. Stationary Screw Air Compressor PartsThe optimized and upgraded air end, which is the core component of the stationary screw air compressor, is equipped with high quality SKF heavy duty bearing to ensure its reliability and durability. The air end is provided by European corporation headquarters.
      Adopting humanized Chinese/English user interface, the PLC system is easy to operate ...
    1. Stationary Screw Air Compressor DesignThe stationary screw air compressor deploys special belt tensioner which can automatically adjust the belt tension, thus improving transmission efficiency and reducing maintenance.
      Elastic coupling, which uses direct drive, contributes to high transmission efficiency and load balance, making the stationary screw air compressor operate more smoothly...
    1. Stationary Screw Air Compressor Control SystemWith pre-installed 485 port, there is no need of other joint controller. The stationary screw air compressor control system can be used for linkage-control of two or more air compressors through simple wire connection. It can automatically stop or start the standby compressor according to the pipeline pressure. Meanwhile, it allows the main compressor and standby compressor to work alternatively periodically.
    1. VSD Screw Air Compressor PartsThe air end of the VSD screw air compressor is provided by European corporation headquarters. It is equipped with the latest rotors with larger diameter and lower rotate speed, the high-quality SKF heavy duty bearings, and three special oil seals, ensuring high efficiency, high reliability and high durability.
      The chip of the PLC intelligent control system is provided by European corporation headquarters...
    1. VSD Screw Air Compressor AdvantagesSuccess Engine VSD screw air compressor is a new-concept energy-saving product. By changing the speed of the drive motor and the actual power in accordance to air demand, the VSD screw air compressor saves the energy effectively. By adopting the electronic frequency converter system, precise matching of gas consumption and accurate pressure control technology ...
    1. VSD Screw Air Compressor Control SystemIn addition to variable frequency starter, Success Engine VSD screw air compressor series are all equipped with standby industrial frequency starting function. Thus, the air compressor can be shifted to standard industrial frequency operation in case of the malfunction of frequency inverter, ensuring the continuous operation.

Shanghai Success Engine Compressor Co., Ltd. is a professional air compressor manufacturer based in China. We offer stationary screw air compressor, portable diesel air compressor, VSD screw air compressor, and much more. Air filter, air receiver and air dryer are also available.

Using our over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing air compressor products, we have established a specialized screw air compressor manufacturing base and business center. Our research and design team consists of more than 20 experts in the air compressor field, so we are able to stay abreast of current technology advancements in the compressor machine industry. We also provide continuous technical training for our employees to assure our compressors consistently meet our quality standards. As an ISO9001-2008 certified manufacturer, we strictly monitor our suppliers and thoroughly inspect raw materials before they are accepted for use in production. During manufacturing, we follow standardized procedures for the processing, tracking, supervision, and inspection of our air compressors. Upon completion, all finished products also undergo a strict performance test to ensure that only 100% qualified compressors reach our customers.

In order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we not only provide efficient, energy-saving, high quality air compressor products backed by our complete customer service, but we also strive to reduce costs so we can offer economical prices. We do this by taking such steps as making bulk purchases from reliable suppliers, standardizing our production process, continuing to make technological innovations, and adhering to a standard ERP management system. As a result of our efforts, we are able to maximize the value of our compressor products for customers.

Our manufacturing base is located in the Shanghai Maogang Industrial Zone. Using European management techniques, we also incorporate domestic and overseas advanced technologies and equipment. This, combined with our easy access to the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, allows us to achieve our low-cost but high quality, low-input but high-yield production of double screw air compressor.

Success Engine quality products are now exported to Canada, America, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, Peru, Malaysia, Chile, Argentina, and many others.