To keep the air compressor in normal and reliable operation status, and to extend the service life, it is required to make a detailed maintenance plan. Professionals should be assigned to perform regular maintenance and regular inspection, keeping the compressor unit clean and oil and dirt free.

Regular maintenance of the main components of the air compressor should be done according the table below.

Inspection or Replacement Cycle Hours
500 1000 2000 2500 4000
Air filter element Remove surface dust and impurities *

Extend or shorten according to work condition

Sealing element
of suction value
Check and replace

Lubricate oil Enough or not *



Oil filter Replace


500 hours for the first time
Oil-air separator Replace


Minimum pressure valve Check opening pressure

* Clean
Remove cooler dust Remove the surface dust of heat radiator


Extend or shorten according to work condition
Safety valve Check the action normal or not

Oil release valve Discharge water *

Drive belt Adjust tightness


Extend or shorten according to wear condition
Check wear condition or replace

Electric motor Fill grease

* Maintenance according to motor manual

1.When performing maintenance or replacement of various components, please make sure that the compressor system pressure has been released and separated from other pressure sources, the main circuit has been cut off, and warning signs of "switch on is not allowed" is made.
2. The replacement period of lubricant oil depends on environment, humidity, dust and the air's acid-base property. For a new air compressor, replace new oil after 500 hours of running, then replace every 2000 hours. If the running time is less than 2000 hours in one year, new oil should be replaced every year.
3. After 300-500 hours' running for the first time, the oil filter must be replaced, 1500 hours for the second time, and every 2000 hours for the remaining.
4. Don't let any debris fall into the compressor host cavity when maintaining or replacing the air filter element or suction valve, and close the host entrance. After that, rotate several laps by hand before starting the compressor.
5. Check the tightness of the belt every 2000 hours. If the belt is too loose, please adjust it according to inner label instruction. In order to protect the belt in the whole process, avoid belt scrapping due to oil pollution.
6. The oil filter must be replaced every time the oil is changed.
7. Please use Success Engine origin components, otherwise we are not responsible for the equipment malfunction.

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