Flowchart and Typical Arrangement of Compressor Station

Flowchart and Typical Arrangement of Compressor Station

①Screw Air Compressor ②Air Receiver ③Pre-Filter ④Dryer ⑤After-Filter ⑥Final-Filter

Typical Arrangement
If one set of purification equipment is used by two or more compressors, this equipment should be chose according to the total air flow, and the selection should be in accordance with the maximum flow if one compressor is the standby machine.

The typical arrangement of compressor station, as indicated above, is suitable for many industries. After the compressed air moves into the air receiver, it will flow through the pre-filter and then the dryer, to remove the existing moisture. Then, it travels through the after-filter, and the compressed air quality reaches this level: particle diameter≤1μm, oil content≤0.1ppm. Under the condition that a final filter is used, the compressed air will be further purified: particle diameter≤0.01μm, oil content≤0.01ppm.

For some industries where the compressed air quality is not highly required, only compressor and air receiver is needed. For example, mining, coal transportation, metal casting and others. On the other hand, if the compressed air quality is strictly required, such as food, pharmaceutical, electronic, special spraying and other fields, many other devices are needed aside from compressor and air receiver, such as pre-filter, dryer, after-filter, final-filter, AC-filter as well as AD-filter.

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