Remote Control of Rotary Screw Compressors

As mentioned before, our PLC intelligent controller is visible and convenient, and it contains four control modes, automatic mode, manual mode, interlock mode, and remote mode. The remote control is an optional configuration, and the following paragraphs give a general introduction of this mode.

The central control system of compressor station realizes remote control with the help of our specially designed software, and the languages include Chinese and English. So, different functions are available.
1. The real-time running condition of air compressor is revealed, including power supply, exhaust pressure, exhaust temperature and normal time.
2. The energy consumption and load/unload characteristics are monitored.
3. According to the requirement of air consumption, user can preset and modify the parameters, such as control mode, start/stop automatically, load/unload pressure, upper/lower limit of temperature, time delay of load, operation order of alternate working compressors, maintenance time and calendar time, etc.
4. All the default configurations can be showed.
5. Automatic protection and alarming functions are realized, such as over temperature, lack of oil, over pressure, separator block, oil filter block, air filter element block, phase-sequence disorder, overload and sensor breakdown.
6. User can inquire the history record, and the items include load/unload running time, oil filter left time, oil-air separator left time, air filter left time, total running time and breakdown record. In addition, if maintenance is required, it will inform the user in advance.

Remote Control of Rotary Screw Compressors

Our company is a specialized rotary screw compressor's control system manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include variable speed drive rotary screw compressors 15-700kW (20-940HP), remote control of rotary screw compressors, refrigerated dryers, and more.

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