Interlock Control of Rotary Screw Compressors

The PLC intelligent controller allows four control modes which are automatic type, manual type, interlock type as well as remote type. Here, we will give a brief introduction of the interlock control.

The interlock control is realized with the help of 485 port, and customers can interlock 16 sets of compressors depending on the practical application. Meanwhile, the running turns and switching time are set manually.

Suppose that A is the main compressor and B is the standby compressor. A and B work together to supply compressed air to air receiver when the pressure in the air receiver≤0.6Mpa. When the pressure in the air receiver reaches up to 0.7Mpa, B stops working but A still works, and when the pressure in the air receiver is as high as 0.75Mpa, A also stops. On the other hand, when the pressure in the air receiver drops to 0.65Mpa, A begins to work again. When the pressure in the air receiver drops to 0.6Mpa, B starts working, and this means that A and B are working together again. In addition, B stops working when the pressure in the air receiver rises up to 0.6Mpa. This procedure is circled again and again.

Under the condition that breakdown occurs or maintenance is required, the linkage cabinet should be disconnected from its power manually, and you can complete these operations through the PLC controller directly.

Interlock Control of Rotary Screw Compressors

Standard Configuration
1. 485 port is equipped, and there is no need to use extra controller.
2. Interlock control of two compressors or more is realized easily with connecting line.
3. It is determined automatically whether to shut down the compressor or start the standby compressor.
4. The timing switch is used to realize the alternative working of main and standby compressors.
5. Breakdown judgment is carried out, and our machine will be switched to the standby compressor automatically.
6. 16 sets of compressor can be interlock controlled, and they can work by turns.

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Multi-station Coordinated Control System | Inter-plant Linkage Controlling System

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