Main Components and Structure Design

Main Components and Structure Design Main Components and Structure Design

1. Main Components
Key Parts

The key parts adopt upgraded compressor air end with optimized line, and excellent SKF heavy duty bearing is also applied. So, the key part of air compressor shows perfect durability and reliability. In addition, the key parts are supplied by the European headquarters.

PLC Control System
The chip of PLC control system is provided by the European headquarters, and it has a user-friendly control interface with two available languages including Chinese and English. The operation is very convenient, and it realizes remote control by computer as well as the interlock control of several compressors. Meanwhile, automatic protection and automatic alarming functions are both available, and unattended running is quite assuring.

Automatic Adjustment Inlet Valve
The automatic adjustment inlet valve can control the air flow within 0%-100%, and it can stabilize the working pressure, and the energy is saved. This valve is offered by the European headquarters.

Specialized Motor for Compressor
1. Protection rating: IP55
2. SKF heavy duty bearing is used.
3. Output efficiency: Up to 96%
4. Service factor (SF): 1.15
5. The motor has the advantages of low noise and long service life.

Oil Filter
Our oil filter is supplied by Germany H. MANN, and it is used to remove impurities in lubricating oil and to keep oil clean. Meanwhile, it effectively ensure the normal working of rotors and bearing, and the service life of compressor is prolonged.

Other Parts
The imported parts are provided by European corporation headquarters.
1. Min-pressure valve (Italy VMC)
2. Temperature control valve (USA AMOT and Italy VMC)
3. Separator (Italy SEC)
4. Temperature sensor (Italy SEC)
5. Electrical apparatus (ABB)
6. Pressure sensor (USA MSI)
7. Cooling system and structure (China)

2. Structure Design
Special Design of Automatic Belt Tighter (Belt Drive)
1. Automatically adjust the belt tension
2. Reduce maintenance times
3. Improve transmission efficiency

Shock Absorber Design
1. A hidden absorber device is added to significantly reduce the running shock factor of compressor.
2. This design prolongs the service life of air end, and the compressor can run smoothly.
3. Under the same working environment, the noise is cut down by 3-5 dB (A).

Cooling Fan Design
The new cooling fan and specific fan blade form a closed cooling system, and this cooling system can save energy at 2-3 times. Meanwhile, the noise is reduced by 2-3 dB (A) at the same time.

Pipe Connection Design
The pipe connection components conform to the SAE standard, and the perfect sealing performance is able to avoid oil or air leakage.

High Efficiency Oil-Gas Separation Design
Our patented oil-gas separator ensures that the oil content in discharged air is less than 3ppm.

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