Rotary Screw Compressor Parts

Special attention must be paid when selecting the rotary screw compressor parts, because we are not responsible for the machine failure if the spare parts are not supplied by us. So, please buy our spare parts and special cooling oil to ensure the normal running and service life of the machine. In addition, when buying our spare parts, please refer to the instruction of performance and maintenance, and specify the compressor type, factory number, spare part name, number and quantity.

Our product uses specific packing and sealing sign, and please compare the package with following pictures before acceptance.

Sealing marker Specific packing sign Label Small packing of specific cooling oil Big packing of specific cooling oil

As a professional rotary screw compressor manufacturer and supplier in China, we offer portable rotary screw compressors 4-250kW (5-335HP), rotary screw compressor parts, refrigerated dryers, rotary screw compressor stations 4-700kW (5-940HP), and much more.

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